Hey, this is mudux

冰冻三尺 非一日之寒 积土成山 非斯须之作

Hi, 我是mudux,在读硕士。研究方向为数据挖掘,视觉追踪。关注nlp,推荐系统应用。

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Hi, I am @huxpro (Huang, Xuan), a will-be Facebook software engineer and a professed digital designer. My interests range from programming languages in general (type system, type-based formal verification, compiler construction, runtime system) to indurstial software engineering (web/mobile app development, user interface and UX, developer infra and DX).

In the past, I worked on Alitrip (Fliggy) mobile and web apps under the Alibaba Group, found and lead front-end infrastructure team at a unicorn startup Beijing Weiying (WePiao), and helped Ele.me to upgrade their mobile web into the first influential PWA (progressive web app) in China.

I studied BA, Digital Media Art at Communication University of China and MS, Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, with a focus on programming languages theory and construction.

My Programming Languages Spectrum

I generally prefer languages that are close to ML (“Meta Language”), i.e. mostly functional programming. This should explain most of my picks e.g. JavaScript within dynamically-typed’s, Scala within JVM’s, Rust within unmanaged’s.

Left-right is how much I prefer it. Top-down is how much I know it. Versions are lower bounds.

  💔️ ❤️ ️ ❤️❤️ ️ ❤️❤️❤️ ️
😅 PHP BASIC ObjC Prolog Hack Kotlin Dart Swift Agda Idris
🧐   Asm C++ Lisp* C++11 C# AS3 Scala Rust
😏 Shell C Java Python Typed JS* Wasm Haskell Coq ML*
🤓   JavaScript ECMAScript6 λ Λ Π Σ

ML*: OCaml ReasonML Standard ML
Lisp*: Clojure Scheme Racket
Typed JS*Flow TypeScript